let's wake up fren..
let's move our step..
even a single step..
to mardhatillah..

let's wake up fren..
didn't we realise?
we are in big deciption..
in a big sistematic devil plan?

let's wake up fren..
the are still a light..
even tomorrow are our last day..
even we sink in deep sea..

let's wake up fren..
bring our famili..
bring our nation..
bring our ummah
to put islam in the top of the top...

p/s:this is the link of THE ARRIVAL malaysian..better to read a sipnosis first about this series...may Allah bless and protect us...even our affort just copy paste,in Akhirat..Allah S.W.T still look it..let's together bring our ummah..and Deen of ALLAH.

credit to the wake up project team member...syukran..

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